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Quote Number QUO-7486
Quote Date November 16, 2022
Total $16,856.30
From the Ground Up Construction

Job Location:

1128 West Newport (Bottom Floor)

New Residential install scope of work:

- Provide and install a new Bosch 90+  75 K BTU Furnace

-Provide and install a new 5 Ton Guardian 14 Seer  Air-condition System

-Provide and install a new refrigerant line set.

-Provide and install a new addon BRANCH to the ductwork system to supply air to the east side of the building.

-Provide and install supply air to the bedroom

-Provide and install a return branch to the bedroom

-Reroute the rectangular vent coming from below the floor into a new framed wall

-Provide and install equipment venting through the back wall of the building(PVC)

-Provide and install DDC controls, Honeywell Vision Pro Wifi Enabled Programmable thermostat

- Provide and install 9 Gal Honeywell True Steam Humidifier

-Provide and install a 4" Honeywell media filter

- Remove the existing water heater, and provide and install a new High Efficiency 8.4 GPM Eco Net Tankless Water heater.

-Provide and install water heating venting

Exclusions - Drawing and load calculations, permits and fees, core drilling, demolition, electrical, roofing, and plumbing work.

Payment schedule: 75% DOWN, 25% When the job is completed, Please note that the final payment shall be made within ten days of completing this job and shall not be held until the final inspection is completed.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 New Installation $16,856.300.00%$16,856.30
Sub Total $16,856.30
Tax $0.00
Total $16,856.30

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