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Quote Number QUO-7465
Quote Date May 3, 2022
Total $17,334.00
RedRood Plus

1311 N state route 50
Bourbonnais, Illinois 60914

1- Provide basic layout drawings and new equipment and controls specifications sheets

2- Install existing stainless steel backsplash, patch wholes on existing sheets

3-provide and install left wall side backsplash, stainless steel 50.5" x 80",  16 gauge.

4- Install trim around the edge of the hood canopy

5-Provide and install 11000 cfm make up air fan, and 22 gauge galvanized ductwork, (fresh air only)

6- Provide and install an MAU fresh air damper

7- Re-weld and seal discharge black iron ductwork where needed

8-Provide and install 20" x 8" x 15', 16 ga extension discharge duct branch

9- Provide and install  3 -6"x 4" grease double-wall cleanouts.

10- Provide and install duct wrap insulation, discharge ductwork only

11- Provide and install a 24" x 24"x 16 fan roof curb adaptor

12-Install existing fan, replace the fan motor and v belt, provide and install hinge kit for cleanout

13- Provide and install curb mounted fan grease box

14- Provide and install a 2"  6 to 11 wc gas pressure regulator

15- Provide and install  2- 2" manual shut off gas valves

16-Provide and install a 2" gas manifold w/ 5-3/4" take-offs and manual shutoff valves, 3/4" x 36" including quick disconnect hoses.

17-Provide and install a 2-gallon Ansul R102 fire suppression system, with 2 " mechanical gas shut-off valve and fire alarm integration switches.

18- Provide and install fan DDC controls

19-Controls wiring and integration with fire suppression system and fire alarm

20- Startup and test

21- System Certification



- Core drilling

-Roof penetrations and wall cutouts

-Electrical work


-Permits and fees

Payment schedule- 75% Downpayment, 25% when work is completed.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Estimated Job Cost $17,334.000.00%$17,334.00
Sub Total $17,334.00
Tax $0.00
Total $17,334.00

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