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Glycol/Water Chiller


Tons: 7.5;

Volts: 460;

Phase: 3;

Min. Circuit Amps: 21.1;

Max. Fuse Size: 35; Inlet Conn.:

1 NPT; Outlet Conn.:

1 NPT; Length:

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Get your equipment Professionally Installed by our certified technicians. At Service First USA safety is our priority. This installation price is for retrofit only, it is recommended to schedule a site survey before purchasing the installation as additional parts, may be needed to complete this job.




  • Beer Brewing & Distillery
  • Food rocessing
  • Cannabis Processing & CBD Oil

Construction Feature                                      Safety Features

Environmentally Friendly R-410A                     ETL Listed

Low profile design                                               Low Ambient Fan Cycling

Top Discharge Condenser Exhaust                    Low-Pressure Refrigeration Control

Easy Access Electrical Panel                             High-Pressure Refrigeration Control

Insulated Copper Piping                                    Low Water Flow Safety Shut-Off

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger                           Short Cycling Time Delay

Compressor Crankcase Heater                            Temperature Sensor Failure Protection

G-90 Galvanized Cabinet                                      Water Inline Strainer

All Weather-Tight Components

Non-Corroding Insulated Water Tank                   Options for Custom Designs & Modifications

Water Level Viewing Ports                                                                        

Water Tank Capacity of 40 Gallons                         Low-Pressure By-Pass

Stainless Steel Pump with Ball Valve                     Flooded Condenser With Receiver & Accumulator

24 Volt Digital Temperature Control

Module with On/Off Switch                                   Evaporator Heat Tape Freeze Protection

                                                                             High Pressure Pump

                                                                             Second Pump Connection



DC 7.5-10 Packaged


DC 7.5-10 Packaged



DC 7.5-10 Packaged With OPTIONAL DUAL PUMPS



Additional information

Weight747.00 lbs
Dimensions36 × 63 × 49 in


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