Media Air Cleaners


The Goodman 20 in. x 25 in. Media air filter assembly is designed to capture the unwanted airborne particles from the air. This filter can efficiently trap particles as small as 0.3 of a micron. With this level of filtration, it has the ability to capture these small particles to actually protecting your HVAC unit as well as your family. Designed to lasts up to 12 months. Reduces pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores and more.

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Product Specifications

DescriptionGMU2025 Media Cleaner 2000CFM
Shipping Weight17.00
Shipping Width8.50
Shipping Length27.00
Shipping Height23.50


WARRANTY – Service First USA will administer and promptly process all warranties in accordance with the manufacturer’s specific warranty policies and procedures.

We have a one year parts and labor warranty on all parts installed by our team.


Additional information

Weight15.00 lbs
Dimensions24.50 × 8.50 × 31.50 in


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