Recovery Ventilator


Fantech’s new HERO line of Heat Recovery Ventilators with built in filtration systems will provide you with healthy and clean indoor air. The 200H is ideally suited to large 3-5 bedroom homes. The HERO line of HRVs connect to your existing HVAC system to thermally treat incoming air before it hits your furnace. Only thermal energy is transferred, nothing else. Included in the system, a MERV8 filter can catch up to 85% of particulates between 3-10 microns in size. This can rid you of allergens, mold, pet dander, dirt, dust, and more! HEPA (MERV17-20) upgrades available as well. Please call for pricing and information.

The majority of US homes do not provide fresh air make up. That means you’re breathing largely the same recycled air over and over. Fresh air is only brought in from wall cracks, windows, and doors. The future is heat recovery ventilation with fresh air appliances. Not only does the HERO series HRV provide fresh indoor air, but the air is thermally treated it to save on energy costs and filtered with a MERV8 filter to remove dirt, mold, and other air allergens. Top-of-the-line, cutting edge indoor air quality products available now by Service First USA.

Get your product professionally installed by one of our technicians, At service First USA safety is our priority!


Product Specifications

CFM @ 0.4″ W.G.119
Wt. Lbs.21.3
Shipping Weight47.00
Shipping Width26.00
Shipping Length25.00
Shipping Height14.00


Harmonize Code8479.89.6500
Country of OriginCANADA


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