Hood Wall Canopy Hood

Available Options
Utility Cabinet: Listed for integral side mount and fabricated of same material as hood. Cabinet can house listed fire suppression system and listed, pre-wired electrical controls.

Front Perforated Supply Plenum: Provides low velocity make-up air for the kitchen and is discharged in front of the hood. Perforated diffuser plates allow for even air distribution and supply riser includes a volume damper for easy balancing. Side Perforated Supply Plenums can be added to optimize the air flow if necessary.

Enclosure Panels: Constructed of stainless steel. Sized to extend from hood top to ceiling, enclosing pipe and hanging parts.

End Panels: Should be used to maximize hood performance and eliminate the effects of cross drafts in kitchen. Units constructed of stainless steel and sized according to hood width and cooking equipment. Exposed edges hemmed for safety and rigidity.

Roof Top Package: Combination ETL Listed exhaust/supply air unit with factory prewired and mounted motors, trunkline and curb vented on exhaust side.

Separate Exhaust and/or Make-Up Air Fans: ETL Listed single exhaust fans and supply-air fans and curbs available.

Fire Suppression System: UL 300 fire suppression system.

Lighting: Recessed Incandescent, Recessed Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent, Recessed LED, Halogen

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Exhaust Flow Rates: Superior exhaust flow rates. A 4′ Hood can operate at 150 CFM/ft or 600 total CFM. Available in single or back-to-back configurations.
ETL Listed: ETL Listed for use over 450°F, 600°F and 700°F cooking surface temperatures, which provides flexibility in designing kitchen ventilation systems. ETL Listed to US and Canadian safety standards, ETL Sanitation Listed and built in accordance with NFPA 96.
Capture and Containment: Insulated, double-wall rigid front has aerodynamic design that reduces radiant heat into kitchen, prevents condensation and provides exceptional capture and containment of cooking vapors. This is accomplished with the signature ND-2 “mechanical baffle” on the front of the hood’s capture area and the “C-shaped” design of the hood’s capture area. Mechanical baffle provides a built-in wiring chase for optimal positioning of electrical controls and outlets on the front face of the hood without penetrating capture area or requiring external chase way.
Convenient Design: Factory pre-wired lighting to illuminate the cooking surface is accessible from the bottom of the hood. Fitted with UL Listed, pre-wired, incandescent light fixtures and tempered glass globes to hold up to a standard 100 watt bulb. Pre-punched hanging angles on each end of hood and additional set provided for hoods longer than 12′.
Construction: Polished stainless steel on the interior and exterior of the front enhance aesthetics. Fully welded and polished front corners. Fabricated from Type 430 stainless steel with option of Type 304 available.
Channels: Hood comes standard with structural channels on top and wrapper channels on the bottom.
Reduced Weight: Rigid single wall end panels reduce weight.
Grease Extraction: All hoods come standard with stainless steel baffle filters and a deep grease trough which allows for easy cleaning. Captrate Combo® and Captrate Solo® filters are optional. Grease drain system with removable 1/2 pint cup for easy cleaning. Standard filter stops eliminate gaps between filters.
Reduced Lead Times and Shipping Costs: Produced on a high volume assembly line at one of six manufacturing facilities to reduce lead times and shipping costs.
Clearance to Combustibles: Standard built in 3″ rear standoff to meet NFPA 96 requirements, when installed in a wall application.
Controls: Hoods can be equipped with modular utility cabinets and end standoffs. Optional listed light and fan control switches flush mounted and pre-wired through electrical chase way.
Optional Make-Up Air: Make-up air can be supplied through optional front and/or side plenums (ND-2 Series with PSP or AC-PSP Accessory).
Optional Self Cleaning Technology: The Self Cleaning Hood option adds a spray bar that extends the full length of the hood immediately behind the filters. The system cleans grease from the plenum and portion of the duct with the daily hot water spray cycle.
Optional CORE Protection: The CORE Fire Protection System is an automatic, pre-engineered fire suppression system which is ETL listed to UL Standard 300. The CORE Protection System is designed to provide primary coverage for ventilating equipment including hoods, ducts, plenum and filters.
Optional Heat Recovery Coil: This option is available for hoods with CORE Protection. A listed coil accessory can be added to the hood plenum to recover heat from the exhaust stream. Warm air in the exhaust stream passes over the coil and heats the cold water in the coil, acting as a preheater on the hot water supply line for the restaurant or facility.

450°F Single Wall Hood
2 Wall Hoods Back-to-Back 150
600°F Single Wall Hood
2 Wall Hoods Back-to-Back 200
700°F Single Wall Hood
2 Wall Hoods Back-to-Back 250


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